Galerie AllerArt, Bludenz: Bludenz, Austria

23 January - 1 March 2009

My works begin with a photograph that is projected and traced.
I draw onto paper or canvas, carefully following and deciphering the projected image that is in front.The images are taken from varied figurative sources, usually natural phenomena.

The finished drawings are composed of delicate marks, they are rich in depth and tone. By using a photographic template I can allow my drawing to be loose and free, although the process is time consuming.

I have always been obsessed with complex patterns and structures which appear random and yet have a defined form.
I often think of my works as the visual equivalent of making a jigsaw puzzle, decoding the original photograph and enjoying the shapes and patterns that emerge on completion.

Sue Arrowsmith was born in Denton, Manchester in 1968. She studied at Goldsmith's College in London, graduating in 1990.
Recent group exhibitions include At Sea, Tate Liverpool, 2001, Drawn 2B Alive, Hales Gallery, London, 2003, Into The Light Of Things, Angel Row, Nottingham, 2006 and Force of Nature, The Gallery@Adventure Ecology HQ, London 2007.
She has had solo exhibitions at Entwistle Gallery, London,  in 1994 and 1997, Galerie Frahm, Copenhagen, 1999, Galerie Fahneman, Berlin, 2001, Galerie Hollenbach, Stuttgart, 2004 and Allerart, Bludenz, Austria, 2009.
Her work is in public collections including The Arts Council of Great Britain, Kupferstichkabinett of The National Gallery, Berlin, San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, USA and The Government Art Collection.
She lives and works in London.